About Us - Timeline
1870’s - Captain Richard T. Williams moved his family to Evansville, Indiana on his saw mill boat and built the family’s first steamboat.
1920’s - 1930’s - Bowling Green and Evansville Packet Company operated three steamers: Bowling Green, Evansville, and Chaperone.
1930 - Steamer Evansville burned at the Bowling Green wharf.
1931 - Steamer Bowling Green hit a submerged rock and sank at South Carrolton, Kentucky due to a severe storm.
1932-1939 - Williams’ brothers operated various stern wheel towboats.
1939 - Williams’ brothers retired and sold fleet to Rush Sherman.
1940 - James R. Hines and Company purchased the M/V Betty Turner to put in asphalt service.
1943 - James R. Hines and Company purchased the M/V Shirley, which was traded for the M/V John J. Kelly a few months later.
1944 - James R. Hines and Company entered the gasoline towing trade for Shell Oil and soon began towing gasoline for Gulf Oil.
1946 - James R. Hines Corporation was formed by James R. Hines, James G. Hines, and Thomas W. Hines—along with river transportation, the company owned gas stations, a terminal, tanker trucks, and resold/distributed gasoline.
1955 - Hines, Inc. was formed.
1960 - St. Louis Shipbuilding delivered Hines, Inc.’s first new towboat, James R. Hines.
1974 - Jeffboat delivered Hines, Inc.’s flagship, the 6,000 hp James G. Hines
1982 - Jeffboat delivered the 4,200 hp Warren W. Hines.
1991 - Hines, Inc. sold assets to American Commercial Lines, forming Hines American Line—the company employed over 100 and owned a fleet of 31 double skin tank barges, 28 double skin customer-owned tank barges, and 5 towboats.
2004 - Hines Furlong Line was incorporated by Kent E. Furlong.
2005 - Jeffboat delivers the first two HFL tank barges.
2006 - HFL continues to grow, adding 2 additional 30,000 bbl tank barges.
2007 - HFL adds 4 new 30,000 bbl tank barges.
2008 - HFL adds 5 new 30,000 bbl tank barges & 3 new 10,000 bbl tank barges.
2009 - HFL adds 7 new 10,000 bbl tank barges, 2 new 30,000 bbl tank barges & 4 new 14,000 bbl tank barges ("Small Boxes").
2012 - HFL adds 8 new 30,000 bbl tank barges.
2013: HFL adds 4 new 30,000 bbl. tank barges.